Kivashandra Silja

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Kivashandra Silja

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Kivashandra Silja

Family Name: Silja (My Blood is my Vrentae)
Public Name: Kivashandra (Might of the Brush)
Secret Name: Lii (Solace Does Not Become You)

Three Things True:
1. She is among the most well known artists in Shanri.
2. She cares only for her art.
3. Rumors say she is either mad or too silly to put two coherent thoughts together.

Mother: Marquis Galanjra Steele (Elk)
Father: Baron Jinto Ru (Serpent)

Mohsino Steele

Siblings: 5
1 - dead sister
2 - brother, Balan Steele
3 - brother, Gemil Ru
4 - Kivashandra
5 - sister, Dasinath Ru
6 - brother, Jiji still too young to be Blooded

Spring Aspects (1BP)
Famous Artist
But of course you've seen something I've painted.
Invoke: Any Artistic Venture
Tag: any of that sword stuff
Compel: To draw/paint anything of interest

Drama Queen
The world is conspiring against me!

Invoke: Convincing others to help her
Tag: proper society is offended by her display.
Compel: To exaggerate everything

Smarter Than You Think
Artists pay more attention than you think they do.

Invoke: Knowing things about ven she has already met.
Tag: When claiming knowledge of any non-art topic
Compel: To play it dumb

S: 2
Cu: 3
Co: 2
W: 3
B: 5
P: Weakness

Dyaless Silja, THE Artist, Rank 3
Black Kiss, Enchanting Kiss, Passion is Tamed with a Kiss

Sorcery: (3BP)
Whispered Words
Eternal Youth
I Can See Your Pain

Vassals: (1BP)
Maid, rank 3, Tika
Personal Guard, rank 3, The Boys

Castle, rank 2, Silver Palace
Village, rank 1, The Little People Place, or LPP
Farms, rank 3, Keepsis
Swamp, rank 1, Supply Yard

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