Fyx Yvarai

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Fyx Yvarai

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Three words to describe Fyx Yvarai: Playful artistic duelist.
A light hearted, charismatic person in nature. Loves to make friends with everyone, may even go out of his way to make a friend. Playful and artistic. He enjoys a good duel but prefers only to shed blood when the bloodshed is beautifully done. In his travels he has created his own style of dueling. This style is very unorthodox and disliked by most traditional duelists. However it is very effective at catching an opponent off-guard. In a way, this to him is a Masterpiece of art. It makes a statement and is beautiful to him.


Strength: Weakness
Cunning: 2
Courage: 3
Beauty: 4
Wisdom: 2
Prowess: 4

High Concept

House: Fox
Family: Mother (Wolf) Father (Fox) 3 Brothers (2 Wolves 1 Fox)
Family Name: Yvarai
Public Name: Fyx
Meaning: I am Alive
Secret Name: No
Meaning: Forbidden Kiss
Titles: Baron
Marital Status: Married with no kids.


"The first Impression is the most important"
Invoke: [3] When making a first impression
Tag: [2] Friends I have lost can tag me
Compel: I can be compelled to make a new first impression

Unorthodox Duelist
"The duel is my canvas"
Invoke: [3] When using my strange style of dueling
Tag: [2] Classic style duelists have an easy time getting by my defense
Compel: I can be compelled to avoid dueling

Blood Sword
"The blade is my brush"
Invoke: [3] When using my Blood Sword in a duel
Tag: [2] When another Ven is not wearing a Blood Sword
Compel: I can be compelled to act in a violent way

Drunken Muse
"I can hear her sing to me, after a drink"
Invoke: [3] When drinking wine I find my muse when taking beauty risks involving art
Tag: [2] When drunk my handwriting is hard to read
Compel: When drunk, I can be compelled to make art on the spot


The Invisible Tongue
Beauty of Violence
A Fox’s Eyes


Rondara (The land beneath the Rose)


Castle Shrenz (Rank 1)
Village of Gond (Rank 1) Produces Goods
Forest of Quel (Rank 2) Produces Food/Lumber
Zanro Plains (Rank 2) Produces Wine/Spices
Shradora Ruins (Rank 1) Special
Fjana Shores (Rank 1) Trade


Wife, Tasha (Rank 1)
Artisan (Rank 1)
Personal Guard (Rank 1)
Staff (Rank 1)
Apothecary (Rank 1)
Roadmen (Rank 1)


Sagay Mwnn


Tasha (The Green Meadow)
From the house of the Falcon.
While traveling I found some land that I had to have. The Count that owned the land needed a favor, he had an Ork "infestation". So I hired some men to accompany me in slaying these Orks. Once complete the count offered me countless gifts, I turned them all down, until he offered his daughter's hand in marriage. I received his daughter and the land I had found was now my own.

Blood Sword

Kierllon (Blood and Tears in Ink and Brush)
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