Te'Faun Eshu, Blooded of the Fox

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Te'Faun Eshu, Blooded of the Fox

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Te'Faun "The Heart's Thieving Eyes" Eshu, Blooded of the Fox
Secret Name: Dosajee

Father: Marquis Rali Eshu, Blooded of the Fox
Mother: Marquess Trixauna Adrente, Blooded of the Wolf

Fourth of Four Children, only surviving.


Strength: W
Cunning: 3
Courage: 2
Beauty: 4
Wisdom: 2
Prowess: 4

Talia Y'vari, 3


Spring Aspect:
The Rake
Invoke: Seducing ven who are married or in a Romance.
Tag: Dealing with Uninvolved Ven
Compel: "They must be mine!"

Spring Aspect:
Invoke: When using a Sword
Tag: Weakness in my Style
Compel: Will not raise a Sword against a woman or participate in blush'vennan

Bonus Aspect:
Invoke: Any risk involving the thievery of Lands
Tag: To discover my land-snatching intent.
Compel: Cannot deny an invitation to another lands.


Province: The Valley of Redpearl
Castle: 3, Castle Redpearl
Village: 1, Sheath.
Forest: 1, The Firewood.
Plains: 1, The Pleasure Fields
Mountain: 1, The Enveloping Heights

Spouse 3, Gwanal Adrente
Three Things:
We Loathe Each Other
We are Exactly Alike
We Have Come to an Arrangement.
Home-Wrecker (page 152)
Heart of the Boar
Invoke: Three bonus dice when remembering things about Enemies
Tag: Others get two bonus dice when goading her into anger.
Compel: Will attack her enemies
Adrente (page 157)
Staff: 3, Pearl-Polishers
Meticulous (page 155)
Honest Eyes (page 152)
Court Gossip (Page 151)
Personal Guard: 1 The Keepers of Chastity
I Stand By My Liege (Page 149)
Roadmen: 1 The Happy Trailsmen
All for the Ladies
Invoke: Bonus Dice when protecting/serving women, Blooded and Unblooded.
Tag: Men can take care of themselves! Bonus dice against you when attempting to protect males... Blooded and Unblooded.
Compel: Can't turn down the lure of a warm wench.
Tzao, Son age 2
Sae'Ma "I will be Trouble", Daughter age 1
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