Coming of Age Party

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Coming of Age Party

Postby Arroin » Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:22 pm

I just ran my first game of Houses. Damn, but I’m impressed. It flowed really well and the players seemed to be having a great time.

So, there were three young (Spring) Barons; Shara whose lands neighbour Esmeralda who is a Contact of Rali, riding to visit their Count having been invited to a party. The party was to celebrate two events. Firstly, it was spring so the Count was celebrating the end of Winter. The second was the count’s eldest son’s “coming out” party, where he would be named the presumptive heir.

The players knew three things about the Count:
1) He is of the Serpent
2) His first wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances
3) He truly loves his son

Wisdom risks revealed other facts:
1) He has two sons by a second marriage
2) The sons want to kill the true heir
3) Count is approaching Solace
4) The second wife is helping her children’s plots to kill the heir

Well, it turned out the heir is 18 and thinks Esmeralda is beautiful.

What was interesting (as Narrator) was how the players threw themselves into describing their outfits. Shara was wearing a silver and blue outfit that signified Intelligence and Cold.
Rali was wearing green with fancy gold trim that signified youthful power.
Esmeralda was wearing a lavender dress, she was there to PARTAYYY!!!, and seduction perfume.

Arriving at the Count’s castle, Esmeralda and Shara went to their rooms to change. It was late afternoon and there was a buffet lunch. Rali went straight in to see the Count.

Shara was pleased to find she had been given her usual room, with the secret door leading to the Count’s library (that didn’t exist) full of books (that had never been written) on Sorcery (which no Ven would EVER study). Apparently she was related to the Count who liked her. She also had her spy network infiltrate the surrounding lands and the castle to head off any plots against the Count.

Rali, meanwhile, was presented to the Count Barlow “Family is Strength” and the Countess, Lady Kaede “Beauty is Honour”. Having been presented, he went to speak to the Count’s eldest son Godric “Loyal Heart”.

While talking to Godric, Rali heard someone say, “Who let the stable boy into the party?” He had not changed from his travelling clothes and stank of horse. Wheeling round, hand on sword, he spotted the Count’s other children; Alfred “Big Talker” aged 15, William “Weasel Fierce” age 13 and Ariel “Contested Heart” aged 10.

Mistakenly, Rali fixed Alfred with a challenging glare. At this point Esmeralda and Shara were presented. Esmeralda made a sarcastic comment that drew everyone’s attention from the brewing duel. Everyone looked at her and the younger brothers immediately fell in love with her.

Shara was presented to the Count, who drew her close and whispered to her that he welcomed resuming their Liaison. Shara was his favourite lover. More, it turned out Shara was the Count’s favourite niece. Attempts were made to deny the relationship but the hand of DOOM meant that Shara’s denials were in vain.

The Countess was distantly polite.

When Esmeralda was presented, the Count was distant, presumably thinking of Shara. The Countess, on the other hand, took a liking to Esmeralda. The Countess, it was found, was widely reputed as a skilful practitioner of the *ahem* marital arts, she had the Aspect “Your Body is my Instrument”, and Esmeralda was certainly flattered by the attention.

The Count noticed and remarked, “Oh honey, try and be a bit more discrete.” The Countess replied, “My dear, you are the only MAN for me.”

Shara, meanwhile, was talking to Godric who appreciated her straight talking approach that marriage would be advantageous to them both. They stepped outside to a small gazebo where Shara would use the Rose to maintain secrecy.

Esmeralda went to talk to the brothers Alfred and William. She flattered them by saying what handsome young men they were and the boys started showing off for her.

At this point Rali’s older sister, the Lady Jasmine entered. She was wearing a stunning lavender… hang on, she was wearing EXACTLY the same dress as Esmeralda who accused Jasmine's artisans of being liars and thieves. Esmeralda’s dress had in fact been made by one of Rali’s craftsmen as a gift and was supposed to be unique.

Insults were flung and Jasmine poured her wine down Esmeralda’s dress. Esmeralda stripped off her ruined dress and flung it at Jasmine and strode out of the room in her underwear, escorted by the Countess. Everyone was impressed by Esmeralda’s daring and Jasmine was labelled as “Short Tempered” and generally considered to have acted in Bad Form.

Rali dragged Jasmine outside for a good talking to. Jasmine did not trust Rali and accused him of being more loyal to his “whore” than his sister. Rali struck a bargain that he would assist Jasmine in her own plots (she hated Alfred, for some reason). However, Jasmine refused to assist Rali until he had supplied her with a husband and a plan.

In the gazebo, Godric revealed his ambitious nature and that he needed a wise wife to help him. To gain his trust, Shara told Godric of the plots against his life from his step-mother.

Despite shunning all sorcery (Godric was a Bear from his mother) himself, he agreed to sign a Blood Oath with Shara. Knowing his father he convinced Shara to convince the Count with sex to confirm him as heir. Shara would find out all she could with her spies about the plot. Godric would kill the plotters and they would marry. Apparently Godric was VERY impressed by Shara’s bluntness.

In Esmeralda’s room, while the Countess was looking through Esmeralda’s clothes looking for the perfect outfit, Esmeralda quickly gave orders through her Maid for her Secret Army to invade Rali’s lands, kill the artisan and take his head, sneak into the castle and place the head in Jasmine’s bed.

When the maid left, the Countess and Esmeralda… which resulted in the Countess losing her heart to Esmeralda. The Countess persuaded Esmeralda to kill the Count and marry Alfred so they could remain close. The Countess revealed that Alfred was, “completely under her thumb.”

The remainder of the evening was uneventful, except for Shara receiving a report from her spies that a small group of armed men had entered the Count’s lands from Rani’s and had infiltrated the castle.

Shara spent the first part of the night with Count Barlow in the library in his favourite chair. Yes, THAT chair. The library had two doors, one of which Shara never went through that presumably led to his own rooms.

The Countess spent the whole night with Esmeralda. At three am (ish), Esmeralda’s men (wearing Rali’s livery) struck. Under new orders, they had secreted themselves in the Count’s rooms and attacked him. The Count fought back bravely and several attackers were killed, although the Count was mortally wounded. During the fight, Ariel ran to help her daddy and was killed.

None of the killers were captured alive, but suspicion was cast on Rali. With his last breath, the Count blessed Shara’s marriage to Godric and proclaimed him heir.
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Re: Coming of Age Party

Postby wunderworks » Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:50 am

That's sweet! Have any of the players posted their characters? Can we get the T3 (Three True Things) on them?
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Re: Coming of Age Party

Postby Arroin » Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:27 pm

wunderworks wrote:That's sweet! Have any of the players posted their characters? Can we get the T3 (Three True Things) on them?

They're not members of this forum so, no, they haven't posted their characters and I wouldn't presume to do it myself.

Next time we play, I'll ask them if it'd be OK.
To the Ven, revenge was not an end. It was an art form.
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Re: Coming of Age Party

Postby JohnWick » Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:06 pm

Sounds like a lot of fun!
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