The Adrente-Mwrr Blood Feud begins!

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The Adrente-Mwrr Blood Feud begins!

Postby Dot » Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:20 pm

This is a transcript of a One-Shot demo game run by Tsanuri from these boards the other night. Some of the plot is going to be used for a follow-on campaign that may be a Living Shanri game!

Houses of the Blooded


Dramatis Personae

Baron Feyla Veritus.…............House of the Fox
Baron Tobias Burghe............... House of the Bear
Baron Bronn Adrente...............House of the Wolf
Baroness Gryndil Mwrr..............House of the Serpent

Their Lord,Count D'mar Thorne

The Hostess, Lady Shara..................House of the Fox

Lord Terin Mwrr......................Baroness Gryndil's Brother
The Brother Adrente..........................Baron Bronn's Brother
The Butler................................Servant of Talarasa, Shara's Puzzle House
The Pariahs..............................Baron Tobias' men-at-arms.

Our Nobles' Estates
Count D'mar's Castle
Talarasa, Lady Shara's Puzzle House and Rooms therein.

Act I
Our Barons and Baroness contemplate the upcoming party of Lady Shara, and their Knowledge thereof. It is to be hosted in a Puzzle House belonging to the lady, and their Lord, Count D'mar has decided he wishes for the beautiful Lady Shara's fealty as his vassal. They have heard she is planning to agree to this, though unbeknownst to her, he wants her as his future wife. Thankfully, to aid in encouraging her, her cousin, Baron Feyla is part of Count D'mar's contingent to the party, however, Lady Shara has eyes for others, the young Baron Bron Adrente, and another, secret, point of interest for her. The Puzzle House itself is rumored to contain a Blood Mirror, an item of much power and significance. Unknown to Lady Shara, however, is the wonderful stone dining table of her Puzzle House is actually a powerful Ritual Altar.

The scene opens in Count D'mar's home. His main reception room is shuttered against the Cold outside, and full of many hundreds of candles keeping the old lord warm and providing light. Count D'mar is, unfortunately, in his Winter years, the Solace starting to affect him and his mind, making him quite senile. Having finally remembered his Barons had arrived, the Count then browbeats unfortunate Baron Tobias, known for his forthright manner and Truthfulness, for his opinion on the Count and his thoughts on the young Lady Shara in the neighbouring province. Baron Tobias, having to be honest, and blunt, all but calls his Lord an Old Coot! Through his raving the Barons and Baroness glean his desire for Lady Shara, and that reward (and lack of Punishment implied by his paranoia) is available for them. Baron Feyla convinces the Count to name him Regent of the lands, should he succeed in wooing the Lady Shara in his Count's name. However, Baroness Gryndil, with her serpently knowledge, hints that there is a rival for Lady Shara's interest. Count D'marr demands they find this Rival and remove him from obstacle, one way or Another!

Their tasks set, the group head to the party itself, greeting Lady Shara and presenting her with their gifts. With embellished words of family and warmth, Baron Feyla presents Shara with a wonderful musical box, a nod back to her childhood and love of music. Next, Baron Tobias, being the Bear he is., presents her with a bottle of his family's renowned Fortified Wine, rumoured to have been fermented from potatoes, as a gift for the party. Next, Baroness Gryndil presents the Lady with a leather bound Journal of deep blue, embossed with the Crest of the House of the Fox, a future store for knowledge gained. Finally, young Baron Bronn presents her with a lock of hair... from the finest mare bred on his Family's stud farm. Lady Shara seems taken aback by this, her eyes barely leaving the Barons', a hint perhaps of Deeper Feelings. Finally Baron Feyal presents her with a deep red rose, a token of Count D'mar's feelings, and perhaps his Intent. Lady Shara seems... less than impressed.

As the party continues, the Barons Feyla and Tobias set to their Lord's command, cornering Lady Shara and starting to convince her of the advantages of their Count's offer. While Feyla notes of loyalty to her and to family, advantages gained by both former and latter, Tobias is more forthright and blunt in his approach, managing to lose the Lady's favour. Eventually she is rescued by Baroness Gryndil, suggesting that such seriousness had no place in the party. Lady Shara agreed, expressing a wish to show the Baroness some new pieces of jewellery. Irritated, the two Barons found themselves alone once more, the object of their mission having been stolen away by the Sly Serpent.

Once in Private, Lady Shara is somewhat forthright about her ideas. She knows that Baroness Gryndil, being of House Serpent, is able to obtain knowledge of Forbidden sorcery and blood magic, perhaps that might aid the Lady in her dealings. They talk of a ritual to give the Lady a child, without her having to actually share the bed of a man, much less Count D'mar. In exchange the offers a Significant price, her body. It seems Baroness Gryndil is the second that Shara has her eye on, and reciprocates the interest, however insisting that use of such Forbidden Powers necessitates a Blood Contract, binding them both to secrecy. Lady Shara agrees, showing her trust with the gentlest of caresses to Baroness Gryndil's cheek, before politely showing her to the door of the chamber.

Unknown to the Serpent, Baron Bronn Adrente, Lady Shara having caught his eye, had followed them, and had overheard the Disucssion just had. His desire for the Lady is obvious, and mutual to them both. He describes a great Betrayal, inciting the Lady to join with him and overthrow Count D'mar, freeing the Lady from the old man's disconcerting lust for her, and gaining them both much Power and Land in the process! Lady Shara considers the offer, saying she will consider her position. And thus, Act One ends.

Act II
This act opens the next morning. The Butler of the Puzzle House, a gaunt, tall figure who always seems to be at hand, stands in the main chamber, his wails echoing about the house. On the dining table, it's coverings moved aside to reveal it's true nature, lays a body, a dagger in it's back, his blood formed into ominous runes across the surface of the altar. As the guests gather to investigate the commotion, one member of the party is missing; Lady Shara.
Baroness Gryndil stands staring at the corpse, her eyes on the dagger. The Dagger is hers, seemingly taken sometime during the night and used for the Nefarious deed. The guests start to panic and decide to leave the House, not wanting to put themselves at risk of Murder themselves. Baron Tobias calls upon The Pariahs, his personal guard, to barr the doors, announcing that as there has been a crime, no one is to leave until the culprit is found. This doesn't go over well with the party, who demand to know in whose name and authority he holds them. To his Detriment, he announces Count D'marr as the higher authority he is acting on behalf of. Seemingly having forgotten he was on Lady Shara's lands, and she was not, yet, tied to Count D'mar. A disagreement erupts, with Baron Tobias at the centre, ending up slammed onto his back by a rather burly looking man with a lot of hair on his face. Finally as one of the nobles barges a Guard out of the way, the doors open... to reveal Lady Shara, demanding to know what is going on.
Baron Bronn leaps to her side, muttering Ominous words about dalliances with Blood Magics and Forbidden Sorcery, alluding to her agreement with the sorceress the night before. On demanding to know who has done this, and why the dagger of one of her guests is in the victim's back, Baroness Gryndil stares at the man Baron Tobias had fought with. He reveals himself to be Terin Mwrr, a fellow member of the House of the Serpent, announcing that he was under a Vendetta with the Victim, a man who had slept with his wife, and having been caught, caused him True Pain. The man.... was called Baron Adrente, Baron Bronn's brother. Bronn leapt over to the corpse, revealing that this is indeed the case, and fell to his knees, shocked at seeing his sibling dead, he falls to his knees and weeps.
Meanwhile the two Serpents are bickering, Gryndil asking why her dagger was found thus, Terin saying she gave it to him, revealing that she is infact his sister, to the surprise at all. Her rebuttal was not knowing this is what he had planned, and swore a promise on her name that she was innocent of such information. Baron Bronn demands a jury and a Trial over this Grievous Injury, to which the Lady Shara agrees and all withdraw to prepare, Baroness Gryndil agreeing to speak for her brother as requested by Terin Mwrr himself.
Unseen by the rest of the party,. Lady Shara then approaches Baron Tobias, who had insulted her the night before with his Brusque manners and lack of tact. Her feelings toward him have changed however, her words uttering veiled promises and offers of more intimate conversations and meetings, in return for his help. Being an honourable man, and not wishing to break his devotion to his departed Wife's memory, he declines her. Taken aback that her Charms have been denied, Lady Shara continues, a little more businesslike. She offers the Baron an increase in his lands, so long as the trial ends up in blood, be it that of her Wolf, Baron Bronn, or the Serpent, Baroness Gryndil and her kinsman. She hints that either way.. she will eventually need another husband, implying she means the bear. Flustered, Baron Tobias bows and leaves, flushed Scarlet.
The Trial begins, Baron Bronn, broken-hearted over the loss of his dear (or so he claims) brother, gives a heartfelt account of the True Pain caused by this crime. How even if the previous crime of Passion was true, a jury was not called, and the law not upheld, indeed calling this act of death a Murder rather than true Revenge. However during the course of his speech, many times he insults the Baroness Gryndil, calling her a 'creature', causing the Serpent rebuttal for such Insult at a later date.
It is then the turn of the Serpent. She tells the tale of the love her kinsman had for his wife, how a betrayal cut him so deeply as to break his heart. How he, like most ven, has a short temper, and thus got the Baron Adrente into a Blood Vendetta. She then goes on to describe how both parties must be compliant in the Sorcery, how both knew there was a chance they'd be killed, and describing, when asked by Baron Tobias, how the spell worked more specifically. He asked for the corpse to be examined, to find the marks of this Vendetta sorcery, but none were to be found! Where the marks are, none present could tell, but some say they were to be found on the hands of Baron Bronn himself, further twisting the tale.
The Jury then got to ask their questions. An old Dowager Duchess seemed to take a shine to young Baron Bronn, who of course flirted back, being the Rake he is, and told tales of Lust and Love between Terin Mwrr's wife and his brother. The Duchess, fanning herself, ended her questions.

While the public watching the trial seemed very much moved by Baroness Gryndil's story of her brother's Anger at discovering his wife betraying him, the jury decided with Baron Bronn, declaring the need for a Duel to the Death. A punishment fitting the crime. And so Act II closes.

The Act begins at Midday, later that day, the time of duels. Baron Bronn and Terin Mwrr stand ready to fight. Bronn took first swing, bringing his Father's Claymore down and cutting the Serpent's brow. He over-reached however, and Mwrr, seeing an advantage as the Baron over-reached, and attacks Bronn's side. The Wolf moved away, backing off quickly in order to duck a swipe to the neck from Terin. The slippery Serpent then employed some rather dishonourable tactics, kicking the Wolf in the face. Backing off, this was quickly followed by the snake swinging for Bronn's neck, trying to behead him! Ducking, the Baron swung his blade once more, only for it to be blocked by Terin's. Once more the Serpent's true colours showed themselves as he took a hidden blade from the pommel of his sword and plunged it into the Baron's shoulder! However, the Wolf had been paying attention to the dirty tactics employed and got in close, his head connecting with Terin's nose and knocking him back. Blinded by blood and a broken nose, the Serpent remained down, not seeing the Claymore as it plunged into his heart. His final breath called to his sister the sorceress, begging her to avenge him.
Leaping into action, Baroness Gryndil, holding a dagger in one hand and her old tome of Hidden Serpent Magics in the other, started to utter her Blood Curse. At this, Baron Tobias called his men to action to stop her, scooping up her brother's dagger and throwing it toward her, catching her in the neck. It was too late, however, as the curse was finished, screeched at the top of the Baroness' lungs as she plunged her own dagger into her chest.
'You and yours, your bloodline forever, will always fail in your Romances! Your line will bear only daughters, and they will die alone!'
With that, she died, forming the basis for the Adrente-Mwrr Blood Feud for generations to come.
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Re: The Adrente-Mwrr Blood Feud begins!

Postby Keith Fyans » Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:17 am

Hi Dot! It was great cooking a meal and running that game for you guys - all in all a real Blood Opera. The only point I think you missed was that the ritual of Vendetta was not undertaken by the Brother Adrente, but by Bron posing as his brother (who he secretly hated), with no ritual scar upon the dead brothers hands...

You should get Steve, Andy and Hugh on here to give their.own take on events :)
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Re: The Adrente-Mwrr Blood Feud begins!

Postby wunderworks » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:44 pm

Sweet! This sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! :)
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