Sorcery - Shadow puppeteer

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Sorcery - Shadow puppeteer

Postby Vyj » Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:10 pm

Chaya Dalanga - roughly translates as "Shadow puppeteer", but I might be wrong, because all source pages are stained with something red - an ink perhaps (still waiting for chemical analysis results).

When your shadow is visible, bleed on it. Shadow then stays in same place, and hears and sees what is going around it. Shadow returns when dawn comes with what it saw. Yes, it takes Cunning to leave your shadow in some places unseen. Yes, you cast no shadow while ritual lasts. And yes, it leaves a blood stain where it was.

I was planning to add this Ritual as a suggestion, but tonight the use of it evolved into a very interesting situation. So I'm putting it here.

Young Adrente Baron is in love with Duke's daughter, and he wants to get an advantage - he found out that Duke's love interest - young Elk Baroness Brianna - has a Romance with someone else. Duke is a dangerous madman, and he will cause lots of damage if he gets to know that he has a rival. So, the advantage of Blackmail.
During a Winter party in his liege puzzle house our Baron sneaks into Brianna's room. A deep cut, and his shadow devours his blood. All happy about his devious plan, Baron returns to his room - if Lady Brianna shares her bed with someone - he will know. For sure.

And here another player spends a Style point.

And shadow returns. Earlier, than expected. And it is not the shadow he left. It looks like woman's shadow and it tells him stories, in whispers. Yes, Brianna beds someone. His good friend. The one who owes so much to our Baron. Lies. Lies. Lies? Shadow whispers details - so many details, and it comes closer and closer - trying to touch him. Baron is scared. He leaves the room and spends rest of the night running from this creepy shadow, until the sun comes up and shadow disappears.

This situation left everyone puzzled. What was that shadow? Maybe Brianna is senvada? Or maybe she has someone to protect her secrets? Or maybe... puzzle house put that spilled blood to a good use? Like it done before.

Who knows.
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Re: Sorcery - Shadow puppeteer

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:53 am

That's great! Keep us updated on how it turns out and what you are able to determine in your research.
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Re: Sorcery - Shadow puppeteer

Postby Aban the White Stag » Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:24 pm

This is awesome! I'll have to see if my LARP character, Ardon Yvarai could use this to his adavantage... Long live the Guild of Passion!
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