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The Thousand Dooms of the Bloodsmith

PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:52 am
by Judd_of_Kryos
"The Bloodsmith's art is without peer in Shanri. The smith takes Orichalcum, blood, sweat and creates Doom itself, like none other but the Sorcerer Kings of old."
- The Thousand Dooms of the Bloodsmith

We were done with the character and looking over how Pete could spend his 5 extra points at the end. There are all kinds of nifty options - making vassals better, improving suaven devotion, more aspects, etc. I'm skim-reading out loud the various sorcerous rituals he could have because he's a Serpent with a bit of an artistic bent to him, an interesting guy with Courage as his weakness.

I noticed that if he had the Blacksmith aspect, and the Bloodsword and Orichalcum rituals he would be able to forge his own Bloodswords and Orichalcum weapons/artifacts/whatever. That is 3 of his 5 bonus points, a big honking chunk of the last bit of his resources to put in that direction.

Upon re-reading the book later, I read that the Orichalcum ritual is not available to be learned by season actions nor character generation. It can only be learned (stolen) in play. But, honestly, fuck-it.

Maybe it will be a big deal, even a secret that he was taught how to do this. We'll discuss it. I like the idea that his father saw his passion for smith-work and taught him the ritual, against the statues of the Senate and the Earl of House Serpent (Pete, any thoughts on the matter? I kinda like that your dad, a master bloodsmith, broke the law to teach you...thoughts?).

When we were done with the character, I asked Pete if there was anything in particular that bound the barons in his neighborhood or the barons under the duke who ruled them. He looked over the domains in his province and decided that his castle overlooked a river and I suggested that the river led to the capital, the Hub of All Revenge and at the river-mouth was the duke's city. Somehow, we talked a bit about his nearest baronial neighbor and I thought it'd be a good chance to give the dice a shot.

Wisdom risk to learn about the nearest baron. I gave some details as I like to give the players some bones to build on before an information-based risk like this.

The bones:

* She is Jorja Burghe of House Bear.
* In her last duel, she disarmed her opponent, dropped her sword and broke both of his arms.
* She is married to a famous House Fox artist, often in the capital writing critically acclaimed opera.

So, Pete gathered his dice for his Wisdom and his relevant aspect and rolled above 10 with 4 wagers:

* She is a gourmand.
* She has her sights on the ducal seat for herself.
* More cunning than she lets on.
* Her spymaster was bought out from under her recently.

I added in that the ducal seat is currently held by her own father.

I jotted down some notes on the other barons:

* Baroness Jorga Burghe
* An old wolf
* His eldest sister
* PC

And we're ready to roll. Houses of the Blooded seems like a good fit for a solo game. You can't make a character and come away without a web of names and situations.

We've got a bloodsmith, someone who can make bloodswords and create orichalcum. He is unmarried. His neighbor is considering trying to take on the duke, her father. He has an unexplored ruin in his domain. Yeah, there's a game to be had here, without a doubt.

I will post up the character details later. Questions and comments very much welcomed.

Re: The Thousand Dooms of the Bloodsmith

PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:51 am
by drnuncheon
Since I was pondering doing a solo game for the wife, I am looking forward to hearing more about what you do with this - especially any challenges that come from only having one player.

Re: The Thousand Dooms of the Bloodsmith

PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:29 am
by Judd_of_Kryos
w Falcon, COURAGE
4 Serpent, WISDOM

House: Serpent
Family Name: Ru
Public Name: Wyel "I pledge"
Secret Name: Its a secret.

Talia Yuarai
  • The Enchanting Kiss

Talten Steel
  • Never Again
  • No Secret is Safe from Me

Suffer for Knowledge
Invoke: 3 dice when in danger seeking lore
Tag: 2 dice to enemy when they have lore you want.
Compel: Compelled to seek out dangerous lore.

An Answer for Everything
Invoke: When intelligence applies to a social situation
Tag: Social situation when he has to keep a secret and not reveal his knowledge.
Compel: Compelled to talk even when its dangerous.

Invoke: 3 dice when working with the forge.
Tag: 2 dice to an enemy in a social situation when the Social stigma of his smithing is pointed out.
Compel: In learning new techniques.

  • Szasz - House Elk

  • Orichalcum
  • Blood Sword

Province: Essendale
  • Castle Xanthus
  • Village - Tenslips
  • Farm
  • Swamp
  • Hills
  • Forest
  • Ruin

  • Staff 1, Dagul "father of many"
  • Roadman 1, Vangalio "my deeds will inspire"
  • Spy Network 1, Aban "the world forgives daring"
  • Maid 3, Maja "laughter heals"
  • Personal Guard 1, Raj "I will die on your grave"

I like how the names give all kinds of ideas and inspirations about the vassals. I talked with Pete about how Dagul's children run all over the castle and Dagul and his wife have sex outside the castle because he won't mate in the castle before his lord has done so. His wife thinks he is being silly.