A Tale of Twins (our first HotB Game)

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A Tale of Twins (our first HotB Game)

Postby JLHBurnett » Fri May 29, 2009 12:31 pm

So I stepped away from the forums for a bit because I wasn't playing much of anything, much less HotB. But recently, we managed to bang a group together for a different game.* I managed to sweet-talk some Houses of the Blooded onto the table. So I'm back with a groovy tale.

(* Werewolf: the Wild West, of all things)

Our current W:tWW group is huge, so for HotB I wanted something more intimate. Right now it's just my me, my wife Ivy, and our friend Kitty (all our friends have stripper names). Ivy is a veteran role-player. Kitty is new to the hobby, having only played a handful of Werewolf sessions with us. I gave them a rundown on the setting and the basics of the Ven, and they quickly got to making characters.

The girls came up with the idea of playing incestuous twins plotting to kill each other husbands. While this struck me as perhaps more than a little prurient, the concepts they had were so strong, so ripe for blood and tragedy, that I couldn't turn it down.

Here's the characters they came up with. I was hoping they'd come up with more aspects of their own, rather than chosing examples from the books, but it was their first time with a new system, so I wasn't too disappointed. Ivy plays Olivana, the prettier of the twins and master of social graces and deceit. Kitty plays Dranna, the plainer of the twins with extensive knowledge of sorcery and a habit of taking things that don't belong to her.

Olivana Sija, Blooded of the Fox, Baroness of Shifonia
Strength: 0
Cunning: 3
Courage: 2
Beauty: 5
Wisdom: 3
Prowess: 2

Sly as a Fox
Invoke: +3 dice for any risks involving deceitfulness
Tag: Olivana has a “tell” that shows when she's lying. People who know this tell (Cunning risk) can get +2 dice to see through her lies.
Compel: Compulsive liar.

(from the book)

Talia Yvarai 3

No, captain of her Personal Guard

Roadmen 1 (The Claws)
Personal Guard 2 (The Teeth)
Maid 1 (Myri)
Staff 1
Artisan 1

Three things about No
Infatuated with Olivana

Three things about Myri
In love with No

Dranna Jasnine, Blooded of the Elk, Baroness of The Newlands
Strength: 2
Cunning: 4
Courage: 2
Beauty: 0
Wisdom: 4
Prowess: 3

Queen of Thieves
(from the book)

(from the book)

The Blooding
The Familiar (a cat)
The Mirror

“Blood Mirror” (Watchful)
“Demon Heart” (Necklace, +1 die when attempting to hide sorcerous rituals)

(*Yes, I warned her about DOOM!)

Manna Renay
Tyan Bran
Talten Steele

Apothecary 1 (Mother Marie)
Caravan 1
Court Scholar 2 (Frederick)
Personal Guard 1 (The Queensmen)
Roadmen 1 (The Guardians)

Sanguine, the Ven that taught her Sorcery

Three things true about Sanguine
Slowly Maddening (Solace madness!)

Three things true about Mother Marie
Loyal Fast

Three things True about Fredrich

I started the sisters off with the “Roses & Thorns” adventure from the book, as it seemed like a decent way to introduce them to the game and setting. We spent a few minutes first setting up their first Season actions. Olivana is already working to make No a full-fledged NPC. Dranna is continuing her sorcerous studies. Then it was party time.

There weren't a lot of Wisdom risks made at the into, but here's what Kitty and Ivy came up with for the party.

Shara is not out to get them.
Shara is flighty.
It is a “Queens Party.” No men allowed.

The Queens Party thing threw me off, because I suddenly had to dump a lot of NPCs. Count Kether, of course, came anyway, because he plays by his own rules.

Some highlights of the story:

Dranna steals Lady Shara's sword right off her hip.
Dranna discovers the dead body of Baroness Niassa's maid in Shara's “play room.”
Count Kether brings news that the twin's mother was eaten by Orks over the Winter (“Didn't anyone tell you?”)
Olivanna's personal guard save her from a rampaging Ork in the game reserve. A well-spent wager determines that No makes the killing stroke.
No's golden mask is cracked from all the tears he's shed over Olivanna.
Count Kether puts the move on the twins. Dranna is easily impressed, while Olivanna shoots him down.
It is implied that Dranna's husband might be having an affair with a common. An actress no less.
Dranna discovers a shape-shifting Ork haunting the halls of Shara's puzzlehouse.
Olivanna gets into a Game of Insults with a drunken Lady Peacock and winds up with the “Insult: Twincest” aspect for four seasons.
A panicked hunt for the murderous Ork thru the halls of the Puzzle House.
Olivanna manages to seduce Shara and convinces her to sign the blood contract with their liege.

Overall, the game went very smooth, especially considering that I hadn't run anything in several months, and I had never run HotB. I think it's interesting that while I managed to totally screw up the violence/dueling rules, I perfectly remembered how to run the Game of Insults. I think it's an omen of the types of games we're likely to play.

Ivy and Kitty had a great time. Kitty loved the fact that she got to determine facts about the world using wagers and style (Ivy's played Prime Time Adventures and is used to that sort of thing). I got to impersonate my old high-school drama teacher when playing Lady Peacock. We managed to set up a lot of plot threads for further adventures.

We are sooooo looking forward to playing more. It only took me the better part of a year to get a game going.
-Joshua LH Burnett-

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