A letter to Lady Zara from Lady Eveash

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A letter to Lady Zara from Lady Eveash

Postby Keith Fyans » Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:39 am

OK, I creaed a really nice PDF for this and it won't alow me to upload it. I'll print it off at work tomorrow and scan/upload it soon. In short, a request to develop the Region of Kinnoll over Summer and Autumn...

My Dearest Patron,

It seems as if many years have passed since we last sat within the shinning glory of the capital and enjoyed the warm glow of summer together, however I know this to be a mere illusion caused by my longing for your sage presence. It saddens me no end that your disposition is such that you find the Southern lands so disagreeable, though my invitation of Hospitality here in Tor Harrington stands open as much now as it did the day I left to take my Domain.

I hope to that you still remember me fondly. I know that you have not written to me since the young falcon, Aldred Thorne, was made to carry my voice. I must confess that I was afraid to send you a letter by his hand and thus the delay in my correspondence with yourself as I arranged alternate carriage. This said I truly miss our time sipping warm teas and discussing the Virtues of the latest poetry, prose or verse. I will never forget the first time I attended an Opera. The Golden Hand of Silas Drew. You explained it was the masterpiece of Lura Yvarai and who could argue any different? I knew then that the longing of my heart was to make glorious Art. For that insight I am forever gladdened, and it is now, without your insight, that I am saddened.

Unlike some I will talk plainly with you, for I know that any child's game played with my words would fall with grazed knees upon your keen mind. I have need of a friend within the capital who can find the correct Ruk to help plan out improvements in the quarrying techniques that are being undertaken in the crags of the mountainous Kinnoll Hill. If you could oversee these improvements over the Summer and Autumn seasons I would surely be able to send swifter messages to yourself, feeling it only appropriate that I replace my Herald to ensure our contact is not lost forever.

Again, I long for the day you can visit Si'Dontce and see its Beauty for yourself, though I feel it may be within the parlors of Q'naldinir where we next talk upon the latest Opera or gossip about the young men being presented at Senate that season, and as I know the time I must spend developing my lands here before returning to the capital I shed a tear for each season that may separate us.

With all my Heart,

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