Change, not destruction.

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Change, not destruction.

Postby Loqua » Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:15 am

*From the Halls of what was Messol Burghes Castle*

I wanted to reach out and open his throat for everyone to see and watch his stupid expression of shock and surprise slowly fade to the final sleep. She may be a wretched sorceress, Ardon, but she was my enemy. You don't disrespect my things, foolish boy. You were a foppish nothing, she was an actual challenge. Sickening.

No. That is not my way anymore. Leaving a trail of blood only raised their resolve, it did not break them. Killing them all is no longer a viable option, and I feel foolish for even attempting it. It almost got me killed. If it wasn't for that damnable ven who took me from my grave and put me in the torturer's chamber. Almost a year I languished. Barely fed. My eyes and muscles atrophied until they were useless. If it wasn't for the boy....

Nevermind that. I shall take my revenge upon him, a just revenge, a deserved revenge. Oh Messol, I tried to save you and you repay me like this? You could've been so much better. My failure.

Iratu's thoughts were interrupted by a small child entering his chamber.

Iratu smiled. The child had been left in the Wilderness, taken care of by the orks and Vaja. She grew up strong and she had flourished. Where other children learned how to properly address a noble, she had learned the strange ways of the ork. Now she had come here.

"Father, when do I get to go to the parties?"

"Soon, Daughter, very soon"
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