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Re: The Cat

Postby Mortimer_Phist » Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:26 am

I've got a different concept of the House of the Cat.

10 Houses.
6 Unveiled: Bear, Elk, Falcon, Fox, Serpent, Fox.
4 veiled in black: Boar, Horse, Wasp, Spider.

11 Olivana (not including Dragon, which is... not an animal)

The Cat. Not Unveiled. Not veiled in black. Fogotten. Marked out.
Veiled in Yellow.


Because the Curiosity is the most foul gift ven can have.
The ability to see what other don't. The eyes of Sorcery. The eye for Sorcery.
They see what others don't see. And this inevitebly drives them mad.

Where Serpent knows, Cat sees.

You roll Curiosity to notice something strange. The omens of the future. The signs and glyphs of aelva danna. The spectres and posessions. Rituals used. Artefacts hidden. And you get visions. For privelege and every wager you can name an omen you see. The vision foul, grotesque and frightening. And giving hint to the qwestion you asked.

My character is a Cat with Curiosity 4 and Aspect "Oracle". I ask the qwestion: "Who of the peole around me is the most dangerous?" I gather 7 dice, make 3 wagers and make a roll.

Privelege: I see blood on the hands of Count Kether.
1 wager: I see flies and centipedes in my glass of wine.
2 wager: I see blood tears from the eyes of Lady No.
3 wager: I see web spreading around Count Rathal's seneshal.
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Re: The Cat

Postby Nephandus » Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:46 pm

Hm. Some interesting thoughts. Leans a little heavier on the Lovecraftian elements of the vanished Sorcerer Kings and their legacy. I like the "Veiled in Yellow" idea particularly.
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