Questions about veiled Houses and Blooding

Blooded of the Horse, Boar, Wasp, and more....

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Questions about veiled Houses and Blooding

Postby Nephandus » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:45 pm

So, how exactly does one become Blooded into a veiled House?

Do members of veiled houses go around veiled, or do they infiltrate unveiled Houses?

Does a Ritual of Blooding override any previous Blooding, or is the first one forever?

What if only six Houses can be unveiled at a time? Who took the Black when the Elk took theirs off?
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Re: Questions about veiled Houses and Blooding

Postby JustJonny » Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:43 pm

A lot of this isn't explicitly addressed in the books, so this is mostly just my best guesses.

Starting with what I'm surest of, most of the info suggests that veiled houses pose as members of the unveiled houses, or in the case of Spider, the unblooded. The lists of family names in veiled houses usually have some overlap between the lists of family names in blooded houses. The implication would be those families are actually veiled Horses or Boars.

I got the impression that the first blooding is forever, and that one becomes a member of a veiled house in the same way as a member of an unveiled house: Almost always by the blooding your parents give you, but sometimes a uniquely gifted and helpful unblooded veth is lifted up for great service, and to secure their loyalty.

I don't think there's any numerical limit in how many houses are veiled, it's just a product of their social standing.
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