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Chayana Jalan

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:20 pm
by Astelle_Mwwr
(In progress)

Public - Chayana (Daughter of the Marsh)
Family - Jalan (I tend the serpent's Venom)
Secret - Shalla (My smile hides my intent)

Mother - ___ Jalan of House Serpent
Father - of House Serpent D
1st born (sister) -
2nd born (brother, deceased) -
3rd born (sister, deceased)-
4th born (me)
Strength - 2
Cunning - 3
Courage - 3
Beauty - 3
Wisdom - 5
Prowess - W

1) Takes after her mother's side of the family
2) Is secretly enamored of Ato Burghe's older sister and intends to pursue her at her neighbor's Althua.
3) Has been told that her neighbor has recently discovered a powerful artifact

1) Tender of Flowers
invoke - When handling poisons and narcotics (wisdom risk)
tag - Characters gain bonus dice in social situations where my association with deadly herbs is known.
compel - to cure a Ven without asking for compensation, "every opportunity to cure is a chance to learn"
2) "Pure" Blood Serpent
Invoke - When using veiled threats to intimidate (beauty risk) by virtue of my mysterious Serpent-like reputation
tag - Characters gain bonus dice in social situations where my inbred nature is brought up
compel - To act out the negative stereotypes of Serpents


Personal Guard (2)
Roadmen (3)

Chaylan Province
-Holva Castle (1)
-Tiennin Village (1)
-Talven Farm(1)
-Volten Farm(1)
-Forest of the Olivana(1)
-Dientin Swamp(1)
-Plains of Whispers(1)
-Groskin Mountain(1)

The Carafe of Subtlety (rank 1 subtle carafe for holding liquids)

/edit - Adjusted Courage to 3 at suggestion of narrator