Baron Lonor Sinjin, Master of the Eyrie.

"I am all that I own."

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Baron Lonor Sinjin, Master of the Eyrie.

Postby Brazenleo » Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:44 pm

So here's my character. I like the outcome but I'm really unsure of the Aspects, so any advice would be appreciated.

After each bit I put some in-character thoughts to try to refine my concept as I went along.

1) Background

Parent Houses
Wolf (roll 6), Falcon (roll 4 - 1 = 3)

Dominant Parent
Wolf (roll 4) over Falcon (roll 3)

Father was from the House of the Wolf. He married Mother, a Master Roadman from the House of the Falcon. After they were wed Mother oversaw the Roadmen for his Barony. I, Lonor Sinjin, have chosen to walk the path of the Falcon in Honor of Mother’s Courage.

Born 6th (roll 6)
4 surviving siblings (roll 5 - 1 = 4)
All brothers (roll 4, 2, 6, 4)

I was the sixth born in my family. Of my siblings only four have survived to see Spring, all brothers. Still a dangerous bunch to contend with. A literal pack of hungry wolves, as they have all followed my father.

Family Standing
Marquis and Marquise (roll 4 + 2 = 6)

Wolf’s Prowess and Falcon’s Courage is a potent marriage. My parents have taken the title of Marquis and Marquise, under the shadow of the Earl of Gashva himself

Family: Sinjin
Personal: Lonor, “I am the Rival”
Secret: You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead lips... if you dare.


Spouse and Children
Married, no children


2) Virtues

Bear's Strength Weakness
Lonor’s weakness is the source of much of his friction with his father, as well as his attachment to his Mother.

Elk's Cunning 4
Though he lacks Strength, Lonor is one of the most Cunning ven in his family.

*Falcon's Courage 3 + 1 = 4
In Honor of his Mother and a subtle jibe to his father, Lonor is the only son to have chosen the House of the Falcon. His break with tradition speaks well to his Courage.

Fox's Beauty 2
While Lonor is not inept at the subtleties of Romance, his sense of Honor makes it difficult for him to engage fully in such pursuits.

Serpent's Wisdom 2
Lonor has developed a disdain for the vagaries and inconsistencies of the Senate and their ilk. Thus he puts little effort toward knowledge learned from tomes.

Wolf's Prowess 3
While the House of Wolf was not his choice, you did not grow up with five older Wolves as brothers without learning to defend yourself.

3) Phases

Aspect: Momma’s Boy
Invoke: Gain dice to protect my Mother’s person or reputation.
Tag: When I am distracted by protecting my Mother, gain dice on any risk outside of my interest.
Compel: I must come to my Mother’s aid when I feel she needs it.

My Mother was a source of inspiration and comfort to me in the harsh brutality of my father’s house. As a result I have developed an affection for her some may consider “improper”. I don’t care. I will Protect her. I will Protect her. Stand in my way and there will be Blood.

Aspect: Name, “I am the Rival”
Invoke: Gain dice when contesting with another ven for some sort of “prize”.
Tag: Any current rivalry will consume my attention. Risks happening on the sidelines of my rivalry may gain dice.
Compel: I must Contest for the sake of it. Compelled to place myself in the path of others to test their Worth and prove my own.

I Chose my name. Adversity builds Strength, something I have always lacked. I must test myself at every opportunity. Contest for every Prize. Challenge every Rival. All are Rivals. Fight. Strive. Win. For I prove my Strength not in my body but in my Courage and my Cunning.

4) Devotions

Ashalim Avendi (Rank 3*)
The Sacred Tool
I am the Road
*The Ironwood Bow

*Purchased with Bonus points
I am an Acolyte in the cult of Ashalim Avendi. I have taken up the Sacred Tool as my weapon of choice to give him Honor. Avendi understands that power is a responsibility as well as a right of the Blooded. We have the power, the Strength to forge our way. Who better to protect the weak? Who better? Honor your charges or you become no better than animals.

Niassa Jasnine (Rank 1)
Elk Outwits the Wolf

I Honor the Ungentle Night for her Cunning. She cut her enemies down like a scythe does wheat. With Style. Cunning. Art.

5) Domain

Regions (all are at rank 1)
Castle: The Eyrie
Built from the bones of Pranjisha Mountain. My home. My Rest. Overlooking all is The Eyrie.

Rahanji Village
Filled with a hardy folk that understand the danger of forest and cliff. Unblooded, but still valued by me. Rahanji Village is the safe haven for many a wandering Roadman.

Brovek Farm
Braving the mountain passes, trekking through the elder woods. These acts of Courage breed a Hunger. Brovek farm provides for such Hunger.

Gehaltis Forest
Rolling hill and dale, splashing creek, sunlight dappled through reddish leaf. This is the gentle voice of Gehaltis.

Yanrahan Forest
If Gehaltis is the subtle maiden, blushing in her Beauty, Yanrahan is the brute that comes in the night to Ravage. To Feast. Stark black pine crowds together too close, jealously guarding its Secrets from the Sun.

Dhelkar Mountain Range
Dhelkar. Harsh. Forbidding. Ragged red cliffs full of precious minerals. Full of Ork and wildness. But fat with wealth.

Pranjisha Mountain
There stands Pranjisha. Tallest mountain within twenty Provinces. So old, so massive it alone challenges the Strength of entire ranges of lesser mountains. A greater test of Courage is not to be found. Climb Pranjisha. Conquer it. No greater Courage.

Ruin: The Sanguine Keep
The Sanguine Keep. Tucked in to the shadow of Pranjisha amidst the forest of Gehaltis it stands. Guarded by a grove of trees whose spreading branches have leaves the color of fresh blood. Its secrets beckon to me. They will be mine soon.

Tatjia Burghe (Spouse 3)
My wife, Tatjia Burghe. Child of the Bear. She is hearty and hale, like all her folk. Her Strength is now my Strength as my Courage is now her Courage. Together we are stronger. Together. She was my Mother’s choice, not my father’s. This pleases me, if not him.

The Hands of Rakshi (Roadmen 1)
My province is a wild, untamed place. Even the settled Regions have Teeth. The Hands of Rakshi are my answer. They protect the veth. And so I protect the veth, keeping my responsibilities and growing in Power.

The Staff of the Eyrie (Staff 1)
The safest place in all of the wild reaches of my lands is The Eyrie. So the castle is well-staffed, if only to offer protection to those in need.

Niassa’s Shadows (Spy Network 1)
In many ways the veth are more trustworthy than the Blooded. Our passions give us power but drive us to unspeakable acts as well. Niassa’s Shadows protect my lands against the unpredictable results of ven passion.

*Xoe Jakarta (Herald 1)
I appreciate the skills of the veth but they are prone to superstition. My herald, Xoe Jakarta, takes word of my efforts to protect them and make our lands safe and prosperous. Hopefully their hearts will be sated.

*Purchased with Bonus points

6) Bonus Points

Artifact (2 pt)
North Wind Charm
--Swift: spend 1 Style for +3 dice to strike bid
--Key: opens doors sealed by the power of the aelva danna.

The Eyrie was built from the bones of a ruin left behind by the Sorcerer-Kings. It was clearly not meant to be a residence but perhaps was a place to store goods or perhaps a barracks. However when I built the castle there were small pockets of chaos left behind. One of the hidden places yeilded a falcon’s feather made of pure silver. I wear the charm tied to my hair so that all will know of my Courage. Courage strong enought to face the aelva danna and not turn away.

Devotion (1 pt)
Ashalim Avendi +1
--Blessing: Ironwood Bow

Region (1 pt)
Ruin rank 1

Vassals (1 pt)
Herald rank 1
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