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House Burghe

Give me a man, and I'll make him a Bear

Many Burghe come from the northern end of Shan'ri, where things are much colder and life is a good deal more difficult than in the more temperate southern climates. The House of the Bear has a dual reputation: they are at once respected for the Strength and fortitude necessary to survive in a harsh climate; but they are also lightly derided for being less cultured.

In opera, the Bear often represents an outcast, someone whose nature excludes them from games of romance and politics. However, there is also the concept of the 'Wise Bear', who is able to use a sort of primal intuition to help his more 'civilized' friends achieve their goals. Surviving records indicate that Bear characters were often dressed in thick furs and leathers, though whether or not a true Bear would have actually worn these clothes is a matter of some debate amongst scholars. In the pillowbooks they are often enthusiastic, if unrefined, lovers.

The Minor Houses are: Steiner, Rusu, Reinhold, Bowen

Bears of Note

Lady Camellia Burghe
Count Ruphus Rusu
Lord Vaughn Burghe

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