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The Shan'ri Research Institute

Welcome to the wiki for the Shan'ri Research Institute!

Our intent is to provide a central, organized location for various scholars of the Blooded to share and discuss their findings in the field of ven archaeology.

The core text for our studies is of course Houses of the Blooded by author and scholar John Wick. Without his hard work and devotion to uncovering the secrets of Shan'ri, it's quite likely the entire discipline would not exist. Thanks to the groundwork laid by Mr. Wick, we are now able to delve further into the history, art and literature of this fascinating lost culture.

The Unveiled Houses

House of the Bear
House of the Elk
House of the Falcon
House of the Fox
House of the Serpent
House of the Wolf

The Veiled Houses

Research on the Veiled Houses is quite limited at this point, though we look forward to one day being able to provide more information about these mysterious Houses. Students who have information relating to the Veiled Houses are encouraged to contact the wiki admin to discuss the eventual addition of research into the Veiled Houses of Shan'ri

Ven Art

Operas & Plays
Famous Pillowbooks
Artifacts and Art Objects

Ven Culture & Customs

Notes on Veth Culture
Ven Social Customs

Other Information

Your friendly neighborhood wiki admin is Rachel Judd. All questions, comments or concerns relating to this wiki can be emailed to her at:

A copy of the core text used in our research may be purchased here

Find out the most recent results of John's research at the blog here

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