The Duties of the Rake

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Most of the information we have on this semi-legendary piece comes from Professor John Wick.

Quoting from his blog,

The Duties of the Rake, by all accounts, is a small book. It was not published for the general public, but kept as a private publication among a select few. The book’s author is anonymous, identifying himself as “Lord Quick,” and in the pages of the book, he espouses the Three Duties of a Rake: Undermine the False Authority of Marriage; Subvert the Illusion of True Love; Ruin a Woman for All Future Lovers

It’s rather funny: in researching the book, I discovered the quote in the Houses of the Blooded book from Count Kether (about other people’s wives being like other people’s children) is a direct quote from the Duties of the Rake. Obviously, the author of The Great and Terrible Life of Shara Yvarai was, at least, aware of the book and may have even had a copy.

It's apparent that Tomas Yvarai of A Game of Tears was aware of the book, and possibly a member of a secret fraternity of rakes for whom The Duties of the Rake was a prized text. That is, if the book actually existed, and if Tomas Yvarai was a real person (controversy exists on both counts).

According to Professor Wick, few women were aware of this book or fraternity. Some evidence suggests a secret sorority along the same lines, though research on this topic is still ongoing.

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